The One In Love

from Funk Out With Your Junk Out by drunkdude69



This track was at the bottom of the list for inclusion on this record - until Coach dropped a bomb drum track and resurrected it better than it had ever been before. You can also hear Mike playing a Steinberger bass, which gives the whole song a distinctive feel.


Thought you had it all
Right there in your hands
Then like sand through an hourglass
Everything fell through
Not a thing that you could do
Nothing you could do

It was a dream
Too delicate to last
Can't build today with bits of the past
All too good to be true
She's not the one in love with you
The one in love with you
You're the only one in love

All the songs that you write
The demons that you fight
Every sleepless night
Couldn't make you see the light
When will you learn
Some bridges are destined to burn
And all the words that you spill
The silences you fill
Every second that you kill
And still your fate is sealed
Her back is turned
You should consider it a lesson learned

And when you were alone
In the lost and found
Did you drown in your fantasy
No air left to breathe and
Too much pain to ease

And when you came to
Did you shed a tear
For the years of wasted time
In a life that you slept through
She's not the one love with you
The one in love with you
You're the only one in love


from Funk Out With Your Junk Out, released January 24, 2008
Music/Lyrics: Scott Martin, Mike Adams
Drums: Joe "Coach" Hanna
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitar/Vocals: Scott Martin


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drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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