Starting To Slip

from Funk Out With Your Junk Out by drunkdude69



Lyrics were culled from an old college bluebook full of scribbles. Music was suitably funky, and a little angry on the chorus. The result was a perfect match.


I'm starting to slip
It's showing itself in so many little ways
The gears are losing their grip and
I'm not sure what to do
I know I'm starting to slip and
I think my friends have turned against me
Does it sound strange to say
I think my family has too?

Losing my understanding of the situation
Everything in life is an aggravation
Feel me starting to slip like I never done before

It seems I'm starting to slip and
I laugh at this inevitable path
It's been deep inside me
Since I cried my first tear
The gears have been stripped
There's no denying it this time around
They say I'm perfectly fine but
How the hell did I wake up here?

I've tried to control it, but I'm getting so tired
How do you kill the unquenchable fire?
See me losing my grip as my head hits the floor

I'm living to slip, it's the first sign I've seen
It tells me so much about who I've always been and
I'm my own guide on this trip
As my tormentors beat down the door


from Funk Out With Your Junk Out, released January 24, 2008
Music/Lyrics: Scott Martin, Maurice Adams
Drums: Jim Evans
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitars/Vocals: Scott Martin


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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