Written a very long time ago, this song got a major re-tooling over the last few years. We're glad it's finally done - hope you dig it.


Sometimes the lines between right and wrong can get blurred
You can misconstrue the meaning of a single word
But when it all comes down to black and white
Who’s to say what’s wrong and what is right
Who can tell me where reality crosses into the absurd

No shades of grey between black and white
One wrong move and you’re in for a long night
We all walk around averting our eyes
Can’t win a losing battle, but we still try
To offer an answer when no one really wants to know why

Our entire life’s the same damn game
Though it may seem different it’s all the same
We’re all running from some unseen tormentor
Don’t you think the world’s spinning just a little off center

There’s a secret fight some keep inside
And a desperate struggle some can’t hide
We’re all fighting in some kind of war
And all everybody wants is more
But if we can’t win, what are we fighting for

What’s up and down is hard to tell
I know one’s Heaven and the other is Hell
Must have been some crazy inventor
All creation’s just a little off center


from As Big As You Can Get It!, released June 9, 2011
Music & Lyrics: Scott Martin
Drums: Joe "Coach" Hanna
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitars, Keys: Ken Barber
Guitars, Keys, Vocals: Scott Martin
Guitars: Jeff Endemann


all rights reserved



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