from Get Up by drunkdude69



A look into the mind of someone who thinks everything is fine, when it probably really isn't.

We wanted a little bit of a "We Will Rock You" vibe on the choruses, so Kenny and Scott did a lot of stomping and clapping on the basement stairs (much to the irritation of everyone else in the house that was trying to sleep - sorry!).


What's mine is mine
The time is mine
I'm mining time, digging
Deep for the well of my
Soul, digging deep til I
Fall down the rabbit hole
Then I'll know
The well's run dry, well

It's a dry run
No harm done
Shut the blinds so they
Block out the sun, son
Shut my eyes shut my
Mouth blind deaf dumb
So it goes
I feel just fine

(The well's run dry)
I feel just fine

Come hell or come high water
I keep on floating
I think if I drink long enough
I can swallow this ocean
One way and then the other
The waves keep on rolling
Through hell or high water
I keep on floating

What's mine is mine
This time is mine
I lost the time trying
Hard not to lose my con-
trol, tried to bend, tried a-
gain, tried to play a role
Now I know
The well's run dry, well

Give the high sign
Glass of jug wine
Kill the lights and
Open the blinds, I'm
Drifting just like
Dust in sunshine
So it goes
I feel just fine

And who's high and mighty now?
Did it hurt when you fell down?
We filled this ocean with our tears
Now we both float down here


from Get Up, released June 9, 2012
Music: Mike Adams, Ken Barber, Scott Martin
Lyrics: Scott Martin
Drums: Jim Evans
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitars, Stair Stomping: Ken Barber
Guitars, Keys, Loops, Kaossilator, Stair Stomping, Vocals: Scott Martin


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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