A song with its roots in an old poem, Martini has been around for a while and gone through several iterations. Maybe one day we'll post the "voodoo luv dub" version. Until then, enjoy this auditory libation.

Remember, one's never enough... but how much is too much?


Into her eyes
I stare transfixed
Like my martini
Her gaze like cold gin
Burning my throat, but
Does she really see me?
I don't know but here I go yeah

I see the world
Through a liquid lens
Something in my soul
Her stare is icy
And desert dry, and
I'm no longer in control
And here I go here I go again

I slip into the drink now

Eye of the needle
Pull through the thread
Pour the sawdust out of my head
Tomorrow morning gonna get out of bed
Only knowing that I'm alive 'cause I keep wishing I was dead
But tonight is mine
It's destiny
I can feel the euphoric tension-release
Taste the smoke on the roof of my mouth
Take a sip
Wash it down

Countless distillations of philosophy
Have led me to a single point
One's never enough
But how much is too much
With this holy water I thee anoint


from As Big As You Can Get It!, released June 9, 2011
Music: Mike Adams & Scott Martin
Lyrics: Scott Martin
Drums: Joe "Coach" Hanna
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitars: Ken Barber
Guitars, Vocals: Scott Martin


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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