We used to have a guy in the band that got suuuper cranky when he was hungry, leading to the phrase, "We better get you fed." This song looks at that idea through a wider lens. Allegedly.


You say you want to be happy
But you spend all your time
Tripping over dollar bills to pick up the dime on the sidewalk
Just the way you've been taught
Like enlightenment and happiness are things that can be bought
But that's a psyche-out in a world we never made
You can think and you can fight
Or you can let yourself be played 'cause
If you're blind deaf and dumb
And you don't care if you're free
Then you'll never become what you always thought you would be

I pulled the wool over my own eyes my friend
I fell asleep behind the wheel
(You know how it feels)

Feels like a needle in a haystack
I know you're looking for it Jack
With your mouth hanging open and a monkey on your back
Just a catatonic stare unaware nothing's fair
But as long as you get fed I guess there's no reason to care
Well that's a cop out that you use 'cause you're afraid
To look beyond the simplified
Escape from the mundane
Yeah you want to be tough
And believe that you're deep
But until you wake up you're just walking in your sleep


from Funk Out With Your Junk Out, released January 24, 2008
Music/Lyrics: Scott Martin, Mike Adams
Drums: Jim Evans
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitar/Vocals: Scott Martin


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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