from Get Up by drunkdude69



Decisions, decisions...


Pour me a drink laced with derision
Stop me from thinking out loud
I walked the brink, slave to a vision
I fell down before I got proud

I find myself going through stages
Certitude turning to doubt
Opening up the animal cages
Letting the wild things out

And maybe one more round
Then I’ll get myself all straightened out
After this last cigarette
I'll see how close to the straight and narrow I can really get

Shuffle my feet, induce hibernation
Going from better to worse
It seems to me like my destination's
At the other end of another funky universe

But maybe just one more round
Then I'll get myself all straightened out
I’ll get up off this barstool and prove to the world
That I ain’t nobody’s fool

It's a sad sad story baby, but it's the truth
And if you listen for a minute maybe you'll hear the proof
I never wanted anything I wasn't willing to earn
But in the end I couldn't benefit from lessons I learned
So now I find myself repeating what the cynics believe
And everything that I was told about what I could achieve
Floats in the bottom of this glass
And while I drink it up they can just kiss my ass
'Cause it ain't tough to sit back in the easy chair
Point at me and laugh and say my life is going nowhere
Hey, even though they act secure,
deep inside they're drowning in uncertainty
While I keep myself anesthetized and
what I don't know ain't hurting me

I may be pathetic
Or maybe I'm not
But I'll take one more of whatever you've got


from Get Up, released June 9, 2012
Music & Lyrics: Scott Martin
Drums: Jim Evans
Bass: Mike Adams
Guitars: Ken Barber
Guitars, Funkbox, Vocals: Scott Martin


all rights reserved



drunkdude69 Cleveland, Ohio

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